Am I Mom Enough?

happy mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day!!! We are excited about this post for two reasons.

Firstly because it is Nenye’s first Mother’s Day ( ah yes someone gets to be officially wished happy Mother’s Day starting this year); a great mother by the way, and an amazing friend.

Which brings us to the second reason, this is our first collaboration, you should totally go on her blog.

What is the worth of motherhood?

The significance in the art of celebrating mothers does not require laying it on with a trowel neither does it have to be taken lightly.

It requires a balance, which exists in the truth that we would never really know the true worth of motherhood, as it cannot be perfectly defined.

We cannot place a tag on the worth of being a mother.

And more to this is that there are no prices, as you do for a best actor or a best athlete, otherwise there would be a yearly award for best mom.

Despite this, we cannot overlook the importance of mothers and all that they do.

As we sail through each New Year, we look forward to all kinds of celebrations.

From the New Year, to Valentine’s, to Easter, to our individual birthdays, and of course we have the fathers’ and children’s day celebrations, among over thirty celebrations throughout the year.

But as we already recognise, without mothers, none of the other two celebrations would exist.

We can just end this article right here, before it even begins.

Firstly, based on a sentiment that without a woman, there will be no world – like the famous Bob Marley music ‘no woman no cry’.

And secondly, on a religious note that God already made it clear with the creation story how important and powerful a woman is.

But that wouldn’t be right, as there would always be the disparagers who would prefer to whine about the whole fuss over honouring mothers and motherhood.

Like the rage on twitter on International Women’s Day celebration; clearly, there are people who are yet to grasp the true worth of motherhood.

You can’t blame them, such persons would have to wear the shoe to know how it fits or does not fit.

happy mother's day

You are a mother too

“Becoming a mom has helped me realize that there is a world of difference between maternity and being a mother or raising a child.”

Maternity is just the first step and a small percentage of motherhood.

This translates to the fact that a mother does not necessarily have to go through the process of maternity to become a mother.

And experiencing one or both of them doesn’t take away anything from your worth as a woman.

Standard definition of a mother includes one who gives birth to a child, one who adopts, one who cares for or protects a child.

It goes on to define a mother as one who acts as a guardian or provides parental stock, a stepmom, or a mother-in-law.

Which makes every woman a mother, whether she has never given birth before or she has a dozen of them.

It is naturally inherent in every woman to love and care as stated in my mother’s day, so the celebration of mothers is not limited only to a certain populace of women.

Hey! We have superheroes amongst us

happy mother's day

Considering the profundity and the volume of work mothers do on a daily basis, which lasts for the rest of their lives; the same kind of responsibilities that impinges on their mental, physical and emotional fortes.

It would be so noteworthy if people would seize from creating unnecessary irksome moments just because they feel the world is going overboard.

Mothers are the real super heroes (for lack of a better word).

Their ability to nurture is second to none, as well as their loving and caring nature; they are natural leaders and teachers, first friends and possibly best friends to their children.

This is like one person doing the job description for 10 persons in a company. Can we also subtly chip in how a child’s life and achievements are all tied to the mother?

It is in light of this and the mother’s Day celebration that we mothers need to remember that;

  • We are special beings representing God on earth, bestowed with hearts full of pure, undiluted, unconditional love.
  • We are a selfless and compassionate people
  • We are a major force, filled with wisdom, strength and knowledge
  • Our potentials are way more than the walls of a kitchen and the home in general
  • That we are indeed students; the life of a mother is that of constant learning, because there is no expert mother
  • We shouldn’t allow ourselves feel superior or inferior, because no two moms are the same.
  • We shouldn’t have to compare ourselves or our offspring to another.
  • And as earlier stated, there are no awards, every mother is best in her very own capacity.

To round off what we have been saying: we just want to say to all the super heroes aka moms: You are enough!

It is important to remind ourselves this because sometimes we feel “maybe I’m not doing enough”, we admit to have felt like that a lot.

But we hope on this Mother’s day you feel loved and celebrated.

And no matter what season you find yourself in OR how hard it may seem sometimes, just know that you are doing enough, and you are loved and appreciated.

Take a few moments today to look around and appreciate yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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happy mothers day
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