6 ways to have a self care weekend

The weekend (not the singer) is everyone’s favourite days of the week. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like weekends.

(But if you don’t like weekends, feel free to let me know, maybe I can learn a thing or two from your reasons).

So, as soon as it is Friday morning, almost everyone gets excited about the weekend right, starting with the “thank God it’s Friday” hashtag, like that didn’t just happen some 7 days back.

Usually, most people would begin to look for ways to unwind and relax, some would prefer to hang out with friends, while others would rather go to the club or to the movies.

Considering the amount of work and effort people put into their work, leaving our weekdays filled with an abundance of things to do, it is quite sensible to slow down during the weekends.

Most people take Sundays to be the beginning of the week, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is meant to be a rest day.

A lot of people hardly create the time to actually rest, in a self caring way. We spend the weekends doing a whole lot, shopping, cooking, cleaning and traveling.

Some people actually work, as in a spill over from the week.

Of course there are those whose jobs are actually on the weekends, this article is not meant for those people, I’m not here trying to get you to lose the paper flow or something to do.

But the excuses I’ve heard from people as per why they don’t actually rest are usually the need to work until results are visible, while some say they barely have the time and resources needed for self-care and relaxation.

Well, the good news is, self-care, relaxation, resting, whichever one you deem fit as the right term, does not have to be expensive.

Some people may have a different expression of this, like going to the club like I had mentioned. Going to the spa, manicure/pedicure, expensive retreats, which all sound so amazing, but that’s not rest people.


Self-care is really forgetting about work, and all the stressful mind bugging activities. Someone’s grandma once said, self-care and self-love is the secret to the fountain of youth.

It is important to take a full day off the weekend for it to be really considered as rest. It is important to have a good self-care routine.

Taking a pause to take care of oneself is one of few ways to curtail the activities and habits that pile up to become stress, which in turn can lead to fatigue, illness, depression and anxiety.

Self-care is taking a break when we feel overwhelmed. In summary, self-care is a form of healthcare.


  • Unplugging from your phone and other devices, just simply put them down. Or better still go off social media. You can put your phone in flight mode if you have to. You could also just play a brain exercising game like Knudge.
  • Meditate, write, meditate, write, aka journaling. If you have no idea what to write, you can start with any nagging thought on your mind. Or just simply by asking, “how am I doing today”?
  • Just lay on your bed. This is a continuation of meditation. Think about all the good stuff, things you’re grateful for and maybe life’s lessons.
  • Going for a walk can also be relaxing. Taking a 20-30 minutes walk can be of benefit to the mind and body. After the walk, take a really long shower or a bath if you’re blessed with the luxury; slip into something super comfortable and get your beauty sleep on.
  • Read something new or browse through an old book, read a research paper. You don’t necessarily have to understand it like you will be going through an exam the following week.
  • My last recommendation is praying. Praying relaxes me, sometimes I don’t even know what I want to pray about, but the moment I start, it all flows and I always end up feeling relaxed.

Try doing this at least one weekend every month, or once or twice every three months if you consider yourself to be a tireless and timeless being. You may also need to create the calendar to include a reminder so you could follow through.

Please note these are my recommendations, try to identify what activities work for you and helps you feel your best. Take charge of your well-being.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts. Cheers

Lalah Delia image via internet.

Watch “A Self-Care Action Plan” on YouTube.

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