A Billion Stars And A Star In A Billion

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Would I prefer a billion stars or a star in a billion?


It is not an enmity.

It is a coalition of different angles that can thrive separately and yet exist within every inch of their realities.

A collective and individual characteristics, that requires a degree of gloominess to radiate its colourful nature.

Each one creating a scenery and a great perspective.

Each one shinning so brightly and beautiful, elaborating the artistry in Cimmerian shade.

Outlining the solidity in distinctiveness, and yet the strength in oneness.

As each star flicks on, the fullness of a billion stars is actuated.

Standing out as one or shinning together as many.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make a change. – Barbara Mikulski

When life hits you with its murk shade, you can choose a radiant path from the power of a billion stars or from the peculiarity of a star in a billion.

Featured image via national geographic

6 Replies to “A Billion Stars And A Star In A Billion”

  1. If I must be frank, I would say you are gifted in the use of words. This post had words that one may not even think to use together; but you weaved them so perfectly and all I see now is a unique master piece. Cool one! 👍

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