Hey fellow humans! I am so happy you’re here.

I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria at the moment with two big babies – my (unbelievably forbearing) husband and our son, a really intelligent cute toddler..

I am way above three decades old (which doesn’t seem so to most people), no thanks to lots of water and good genes. Maybe I’ve been handed the keys to reducing my age at will.

I am an absolute lover of God and a bookie (well, in reality, I can count the number of years I wasn’t in school on one hand).

I enjoy scribbling down my thoughts a lot. I am clearly more expressive in text than in speech. Hence the idea of beereverie (my name is Bee most days).

Along with my musings, which I intend to splash all over this blogsite, would be other things that I find interesting; beauty, fragrances, poetry, reviews and even recipes.

I like the idea of using a computer but I’m not a geek, yet, (probably something I would consider iin my late 50s). I am Google according to my husband. Because I seem to have an answer to everything. I personally do not think that is good, doesn’t that give me off as a person who has an opinion about everything? Oh well, now it makes sense.

I think I may be addicted to eating one or ten corns on the cob. By this you would think that I have the most energy, but I’m not a deer.

My idea of living is the ability to grow, constantly building on one’s passion to learn and make progress.

And the key to growth is the existence of the conscious awareness of an individual to become better.

I am always open to new challenges, so I consider this a fresh challenge to help me grow and become better.

Beereverie is just all about that, growth. And it simply exists to connect with you.

Let’s get social; via Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Love always,