Becoming Vegetarian: tips on enjoying the journey

On this week’s tips Thursday is the concluding part to the start of the journey on becoming a vegetarian (as promised). The feedback I received from the initial part has been quite amazing.

If you are not yet a type of vegetarian, and had to become one, what would be your reason? And what type of vegetarian would you be?

Every once in a while people make decisions about changing diet, improving their eating patterns and eating healthy or healthier as the case maybe. Majority of these happens at New year’s though (probably resolution and the fresh start fever?). Then there are those who out of the very pretty blues wakeup and decide to switch diets. I’m somewhere right in between those two categories of people, so don’t worry I’m not judging you.

The decision to incorporate fruits and vegetables completely in your diet or partially for that matter, is already something huge. It shows how much you care about your health, for which reason I applaud every person who has been living this way, intending to, and those who do not give a rat’s ass about all the hoobalooba. I would never judge anyone based on their personal choices, no one was born a vegetarian.

Should you really be bothered with dieting? Technically yes, but in retrospect maybe just plain don’t bother, if you don’t feel convinced or if you just want to do it to be in vogue with all the new diet types (that’s the number one cause for getting bored).

I say this because a lot of people have been struggling with getting a balanced diet from their days in kindergarten, before they could even recite the alphabets.

For some it’s a merry go round, they go on a diet, they feel great, perhaps lighter, then the urge to begin to indulge in supposed cheat meals sets in, which after a while takes them back to the very beginning. Kinda like the same struggle with exercising. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be so hard to enjoy being a vegetarian.

6 things to note about vegetarianism(positives and negatives).

  1. Becoming a vegetarian and sticking to it is hard. In the older post I tried to portray the fact that becoming a vegetarian is not as easy as a lot of people make it seem. And sticking with the vegetarian diet is a challenge, and any other kind as long as it is new to you. Just keep reminding yourself the reason you started and focus on the positive side of the journey.

  2. Vegetarian diet is quite inexpensive and free in some cases( if you grew them). I’m always so pleased with the amount of veggies I carry home from the market with really little money. Considering the hike in prices of food, being a vegetarian in whatever form will benefit a lot of people economically.

  3. There are different ways you can be a vegetarian. Because there are different kinds of vegetarians, the trick really is to be able to incorporate vegetables in your meals on a daily basis at least. So it’s all about your preference.

  4. It’s adventurous. You can eat veggies with everything and anything. You can have salads as a pre-meal, or as a side, or even as your dessert(you do not have to follow a standard). Do what makes you feel good.

  5. They are stressful to wash, chop, slice, grate, I could go on. Alternatively, there are kitchen utensils made specifically to assist with that. So enjoy

  6. Lastly, and probably the best part is daily availability of fresh produce of vegetables. In and out of season, you will find them. You could grow them in your very own backyard.

Why should you eat vegetables ?

If you are concerned about the health of your entire body, consider increasing your veggies intake.

• Vegetables are nutritious and delicious (when you add a whole chicken)

• Vegetables are low in calories.

• They are easy to eat and fill you up for a while because of the fibre content.

• You haven’t had all the vegetables yet. So having something new to eat is a reason to consider eating vegetables.

• It may help reduce the risk of diseases, including heart disease.

What can you pair your vegetables with?

For some of us, enjoying our meals is the challenge. Why should you enjoy your meals? When basically its about getting strength and nutrition. Well try wearing rags, after all its just basically about covering your nakedness.

Eating vegetables shouldn’t be boring and all leafy, especially if your comcern is how to balance out your diet. Thankfully this is absolutely simple and does not require breaking the bank. Here are eight tips (pictorial representation) to help you enjoy eating vegetables.

Vegetables with Banana bread(homemade)

Veggies with Unleavened bread(homemade)

Veggies Eggs (boiled)

Veggies with eggs and bread

Veggies with Whole wheat pasta

Veggies with Chicken and or bread

Veggies with Yams

Veggies with Soup

I hope you like some of these vegetable recipes. And I’ll be updating this post to share more details on some of the recipes soon.

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