My Mother’s Day

it is my mom's birthday the birthday of a mother

It is my mum’s birthday today, and I am quite excited. The birthday of a mother is likely to be one of the most important celebrations in everyone’s life, which is understandable.

Mothers are the most selfless, most sacrificing and most accommodating beings.

Being my mama’s day, I think there’s no better time than now to talk about the awesomeness that is motherhood.

God created mothers to serve a special purpose, and be the sanity of our insane world.

Sadly though, it takes quite a while to fully grasp the immensity of this special hood.

For some of us we have to become mothers, while for others it may take an absence; we have that tendency not to appreciate our mothers early enough in life.

If there is anything so pure and selfless, if there is anything so equipping, it is being a mother.

Motherhood creates a new sense of responsibility, where a person no longer puts themselves first; but rather relinquish such rights of preferences to their offsprings.

It is a unique opportunity where a simple and delicate human becomes armed with extraordinary strengths to break barriers beyond natural laws and build a world of hope filled with lots of love.

Experiencing it personally has made me more grateful, and certainly opened my eyes to its realities.

It is simple yet quite complicated, the very reason some of us think we are not doing enough as moms.

It is the best feeling of all time but still the hardest thing to you would have done and continue to do.

It revolves around loosing your sleep to loosing your mind, bringing out a side of a person they didn’t quite know existed.

It brings out the true potential of every woman and portrays the very essence of who we are.

My mother has been a gift through her nature and the grace she carries and so elegantly disperses.

Today and always, I wish my mama joy and peace. I celebrate motherhood through her and everyone who has taken up the responsibility of caring and loving someone selflessly; because as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Happy birthday mama.

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