Branding and Growth: Setting Goals


So I decided to enroll in Branding and Growth, a blogging course administered by The Daily Posts. And for a bonus, I have chosen to post about it.

This is good for me. Firstly, because I am a newbie. And like I always say, nobody starts out as an expert on anything.

Secondly, and speaking honestly, sometimes I feel quite unsure and introspective about blogging, to the point that I sometimes ask myself why I even bother to blog.

I enjoy writing of course, but when you have to “put it out there”, you can’t just scribble down stuff like you would normally do for your journal or exercise book.

This most certainly requires a level of commitment than ordinary and a depth of knowledge. You have to consider content quality as much as quantity. And you may also have to consider how to interpolate your state of mind to your fanciful ideas.

So I want more, not in a greedily insatiable desire of wanting more, but the type where I am grateful for what I’ve been able to do in the last three months but would rather have a double or triple of that in the next three months. I’m sure my handful of subscribers also want more. Because if they are going to give me 5-6 minutes of their busy schedule every now and then, it’s got to be a worthwhile read.

Taking this course has therefore given me the opportunity to ponder on a few things, starting with why I am actually doing this and what I want out of my blog.

Well, the task for day 1 of this course includes setting three concrete goals.

  • Why do I blog?

To express my thoughts, build a readership, engage and interact with other humans.

I’m not an outdoor person. Back in the days as a student, and when I had a job, you would always find me at home when I wasn’t in school or at work. Considering my current state of working from home, this is one of many ways to escape the humdrum of staying at home (I still do like staying at home but something has got to give). And if I’m gonna be an island in real-time I might as well be a stream of water on the World Wide Web right…

  • How often would I post?

My initial goal for posting when I started was a weekly post, which has now grown to twice a week in the last month. I have made my categories into sections that should help me post at least 5 days in a week or maybe 7. But well, I’m still trying to find a balance and understand the purpose of this journey I’ve begun. But I plan that by the end of the year I would have found the absolute perfect niche or near perfect, to enable me post everyday of the week. I plan to start including posts from guest bloggers before my eighth month blog-versary (I am definitely allowed to make up words like this).

  • How many followers would I have? What would my blog do for me?

Some people at the very first mention of how I started a blog would go on about how it is important to make money from the blog. That’s absolutely true. But for me it’s the connection and readership that I’m focusing on right now. Although minimal following is probably going to be good for me, as I’m not sure I would be able to manage a massive blog. I am just really concerned about increasing daily hits and building a connection with my reader(s). But if my blog chooses to exceed my wildest dream – just because I think it has a mind of its own, and brings me a thousand subscribers by the end of my first year (a girl can dream right), then maybe I would have to consider monetizing my blog.

Well, now that I have bound myself with the above goals (more like commitments), I am going to take my time to go eat some chocolates in preparation for the task ahead. I do have to keep at it, one goal at a time, with the intention to become better and badass at this thing called love, I meant blogging though.

Picture credit: Canva

And here are two quotes about goals that I have come to like:

By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own. – Mark Victor Hansen

You can do anything if you set goals, you just have to push yourself. – RJ Mitte


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  1. Attagirl!! Well, I don’t think the realization of these goals you have set are far fetched if I am this captivated by it. I like that u know that monetising it should not be the most important thing but your love for it’s which is as real as me being here at 3am, at least as far as readership and connection go. Way to go Bee!!!

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