Daily Prompt: Frigid

Today’s daily prompt (frigid) reminds me of a little girl, the most distant six years old I had ever known

Pretty as a flower, calm as a dove, delicate even but distant with an awry look of insecurity

Clearly she was sad, but even the mother couldn’t understand, not even by the distance in the little girl’s eyes

Little did anyone know, that she had been a victim of rape for months unending by her school teacher. Who threatened to have her murdered if she ever told anyone

Is it rage? Self-esteem issues? Or just a pure act of wickedness? It is hard to say

Talk about a guardian angel hurting the one he was meant to protect

You would think as a teacher he was trained to be careful and sensitive around children, but it’s really not about the profession

It is about him and his kinds, uncouth set of inhumane fellows with a nasty attitude

We can only hope that justice would prevail in the end

Because this little girl has been denied the choice of chastity before she could fully understand herself

The thoughts of indignity that little girls like her would have to live with from their young ages

And, the effects of the experience on the person they would grow up to become is inevitable

Perhaps she has been handed the golden key to frigidity

We would never know.

Unfortunately these evils live amongst us. And we hear way too many of such these days

But, here are a few things to note in a similar case of child rape:

The security forces should be involved and medical attention should be sought immediately.

The child would require an antibiotic to combat any infection and or other sexual diseases.

The urge to ask the child/victim all the questions that could carry a hint of blame as an angry parent or guardian should be avoided.

Such as, why did you..? Why didn’t you..? What were you..? What weren’t you..?
Be a trusting support that would comfort them through the consequences and recovery of the act.

Lastly, parents and adults who are responsible for children, all have a huge role to play.

Educate your child/children from as little as possible, both male and female.

If they understand what food and water is and can vehemently say no when offered something they don’t want, then they can understand simple instructions accompanied by illustrations.

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Picture credit: Canva

2 Replies to “Daily Prompt: Frigid”

  1. It’s a sad reality for everyone that acts like this are becoming a norm. I am glad you wrote about such an important issue. Lovely writing skills by the way. It was captivating all the way through .

    1. It is truly heartbreaking to say the least. Thank you so much for reading and those kind words too

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