Daily Prompt: Rush (my mind)

My mind is my greatest weapon

In it are the thoughts that shape me

That’s how I manage and control my life

I rarely speak because my mind takes predominance

The insurrection I have had to cushion

To avoid situations like “it’s not my will, not my fault”

I hold back the aggression

I fight off the ammunition

I repel the flux of blood

Charging like the east wind

I won’t start a war

I won’t be a loose cannon

I would tame the firearm

Let the heart play the champion

While the mind takes back stage

Would I rather my mind controlled me

To fight battles and give me victory

For after all it is my advantage and means of defense

The underpinning basis of my brainpower

And the underlying system of many emotions

Be that as it may, tell me something worth fighting for

They have said words are powerful

Find me standing up with words

Cutting through the slightest provocation

Prompted by a sprint of blood to the head

via Daily Prompt: Rush

Picture via Canva

3 Replies to “Daily Prompt: Rush (my mind)”

  1. Hey . Followed your link and read the full poem and if I must say thoughts of this sought are what leaves me disturbed most days. So thanks for writing about it. “Obey the mind or calmly follow your heart?” So difficult at times to decide.😕

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