In the course of last week, we moved into a new home and it felt too good to be true (how we moved not the moving itself – although that too, gave me joy in my midriff). But I attribute the too good to be true feeling partly to the fact that we had been involved in a form of decluttering our home prior to moving.

The ease and grace with which we moved, especially how easy it was for my husband to use our car for almost everything except heavy furnitures, really made me appreciate the importance of organisation too.

I am certain if our AC units had not been removed, some of our old neighbors would still be oblivious to the fact that we moved. It could easily be described as smooth leaving.

Despite this, I couldn’t ignore how on the other hand there were a few items sitting around inoperative in the pantry, waiting for their day to come. Those items are still sitting pretty in the old house waiting for someone to come rescue them.

A lot of us have much more stuff than we actually use, need or want. We sentimentally hold on to items because it was a gift, it is too cute or it was an expensive buy.

We have these items sitting in our basement, taking up space.

Such items may be an old furniture that you don’t like, do not want or just wanting to be replaced, but for some reason it’s still sitting in your living room, or attic space.

It could even be shoes, clothes, jewelry, a box of cheese, macaroni, a can of tomatoes, an obscure painting, a toothpick, just anything.

and you know what? This applies to our reality.

I am more of the type who disconnects from toxic people, without a second thought on any future that might await us or where we’ve been.

My husband has cautioned that it is not always fair, not every bridge should be burnt, you have to give some people another chance.

Well, that may be true. Agree, disagree, agree. Differences in perspective I would say.

This quote by Anthony Liccione for instance is to me one of such varying perspective;

A bridge can still be built, while the bitter waters are flowing beneath.

In the context of “burning bridges” in an existing relationship and in relation to this quote, before you build a bridge, wouldn’t you have to burn down one first?

So in rebuilding a new one, all that old toxicity is thrown under, and then you’ll decide who and how you’ll let anyone cross the new bridge.

That’s just my interpretation of that quote, or rather me trying to come to a common ground with le hubs and different perspective (whoever that is). In which case… potato, potahto.

But the truth remains that people and things who do not add any value to your life should not have any place in your life either.

How can you achieve this?

To declutter is simply removing mess, to organize, prioritize things such as commitments, material possesions.

Declutter your life from the malevolence of people. Organize and cleanse your life by cutting off from occupants and tenants who only sap away from you

It is not as easy as I write it now. In fact, it is incredibly hard to let go sometimes, especially when you include all the sentiments.

There is that desperate attempt to hold on to the things that were familiar to us, some of which actually limit our capabilities to experience happiness and joy in the present moment.

Another truth is that nothing in life can remain the same forever, some things become better while others become the opposite.

Which means no matter how hard we try to keep things the way they are, we will sooner or later be confronted with inevitable changes, whether we like it or not.

But when we grab the opportunity to attempt to cease, own and control the environment we live in, we open up ourselves to new possibilities.

If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go the past that drags you down. – Amit Ray.

Stay away from people who only fill up your life and time with the most ill-natured things.

Let go of things, lifestyle, beliefs and even values that seem to be holding you back rather than launching you forward.

Forget about the sentiment over the age of a relationship, if it is not making you better in anyway, let it go. If it threatens your joy and inner peace then it has got to go.

You’ve got to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old… What is the old thing that you have to let go?

That’s a rhetorical question though, but I’ll always do a flip over dance in my head when I hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Interesting perspective on bridges, indeed potato potahto. Even though I’ll stick with your husband’s perspective because decluttering can also mean reorganising or prioritising. I can totally make sense of yours.

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