crack defects

I have a crack and a scratch on the screen of my phone (sadly I would say). A similar but two different kind of defects.

I am aware how the first came to be, but totally oblivious to the latter.

There’s been no malfunction as a result of these defects, there’s been none that I know of or at least not yet.

As a matter of fact, I am now maximizing the device more than I ever did, and of course I understand it better now than I did when it was new.

These defects are now naturally a part of the phone, and unless I choose to replace the screen, it would remain so.

But it does not deter the usefulness of my phone, not even the visuals.

A Defect is a shortcoming, an imperfection or a lack. Sometimes we may not even know how they came to be, like the case of the scratch on my phone.

These are basically areas of life where we feel incomplete, where flaws and inadequacies exists. But it is important to remember that they are just a spec in the bigger fraction of our lives.

Situations in life that come to us as life changing experiences, in the form of a scratch or a crack does not make that the end of life and shouldn’t have to be an altering experience.

Life does go on despite the shortcomings and inadequacies of daily events.

And because defects can precipitate events and experiences turning them into something bigger, it is okay to embrace these imperfections; rather than allowing it impair our worth.

There is that saying, that no one is perfect.

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