Editing has always been a silent hobby for me, for as long as I can remember.

I am quick to pick any kind of errors present in whatever material I’m reading.

Not because I am a pompous opinionated human (I’m not). But mainly because I give great attention to details.

Anyone can sight errors, especially when they involve standard spelling and grammar check.

Meanwhile, not everyone can be patient enough to give in-depth review.

A proper editing goes beyond typographical errors.

One would have to be able to sight errors that involve punctuation marks, hidden mistakes, inconsistent statements, loose sentences, and choice of word.

I basically enjoy the idea, and what better way to channel my hobby into something profitable.

So, in regards to that, I began to take courses on becoming a professional copyeditor a few months back.

A hobby and an acquired knowledge put together will give a hands-on skill and expertise to help make life easy.

A freelance copyeditor understands that the task of writing and presenting error-free works can be overwhelming.

From very tasking jobs like academic papers, novels, scripts, to as little as articles, short stories, letters, and even handouts.

It is important to present an error-free writing, especially if you are a professional.

Wouldn’t it be disastrous if all the hours, weeks, months or even years of researching, writing and arranging are wasted in the final version of your work.

Let’s not fritter away all the years of hardwork, because a document was not meticulously written and proofread for errors.

This is why we’re offering you our services, where we can be of help at reasonable prices.

Send an email to us at info@beereverie.com or bennybee4u@yahoo.com to get started.

The link below is an alternative way of contacting us directly on our WhatsApp messenger.