I Was Told To Take My Son To His Mother

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One time, I was told to take my son to his mother, oh yeah you read that right.

I wasn’t doing anything evil to him, like ignoring him, or maybe trying to choke him or throw him off a building.

I didn’t have the words “baby thief” scribbled on my forehead either.

He was merely crying, every baby cries right.

I mean how else are they going to communicate their needs when they have yet to begin speaking.

Well, it was an embarrassing moment for me I must confess, an “all eyez on me” moment.

all eyez on me

So, two weeks after our son was born we took him to the hospital for his circumcision.

It was very early, because the queue at the hospital is always crazy and my husband was going to have to return to work.

After all the ups and downs leading to registration, seeing a doctor to be examined and entering us into the waiting list, we eventually settled down in front of the operating theatre to wait.

Well, the little munchkin who was peacefully asleep began to cry, he must have remembered he was hungry.

Of course, he is hungry I had thought then.

We left home really early, that my baby only sucked once that morning before we left.

Besides how much liquid could REALLY fill a human’s belly anyway.

As I took him from his father to breastfeed him, one of the mothers waiting with us said we weren’t supposed to feed our babies before the process ahead.

She went on to say, if any of the doctors saw us, our appointment could be cancelled and rescheduled.

I was confused. So basically, we are just going to let the tot starve? Okay then.

I began to rock him to possibly help him fall back asleep, he wasn’t having none of that.

He refused to be pacified, despite all efforts by us (which I’m sure he definitely understood because he’s two weeks old).

A woman who was probably in her mid 40s passed through and said to me, “aw aw, the cute baby must be hungry, where is his mother?

You should take him to his mother”.

picture via african seer

WHAT????? inserts drama o my God, did this woman just tell me “to take my son to his mother”?

That happened in my head of course. All I could really do at that moment was smile.

I have had other similar experiences between then and now, where it seems I was rather mistaken for my baby’s nanny or sister to his mother.

Or as I like to imagine it, a small girl who just fell pregnant somehow.

So what now?

Maybe I have to start donning ankara outfits in different styles and shapes

Or maybe just plain get a tattoo on my head to explicitly state that I am a responsible adult who was not only able to push out the little human but is also able to take care of him.

Anyway, on that lovely day, about twenty minutes later, it didn’t seem like we were going into the theatre anytime soon, so I disappeared to a corner and fed my baby to the brim.

Because when you think of it, nothing more quite screams responsible adult like hiding in a corner and feeding your baby.

What the experience taught me:

  1. Making assumptions about people and judging them based on their appearances is something we all can do better on, it is something we shouldn’t do at all.

  2. To really not be bothered by what people say and think about you. Other people’s opinion should not be a thing we want to fall back on, especially people we don’t know.

Who you think you are, should define who you are.

I was told to take my son to his mother

Do what makes you happy and fulfilled, as long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process.

No ankara outfits or tattoo on the forehead, unless you really want to do that for your own benefits. You know what I’m saying…

My baby will be 18 months tomorrow 14th March, he is gradually becoming a responsible adult, too.

As always, I’m glad you stopped by. Cheers

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