Keeping On Track: Productivity and Focus

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There have been a number of times that I begin working on a project, but midway through it, I lose interest.

This is not peculiar to me, as I refuse to be the only one who experiences this. Of course you know what I’m talking about.

Okay, you know how you begin working on a project – personal or work projects; a research, and even a business venture, or just a simple hobby like blogging and midway through it, all interest and motivation has vanished…

Yes, that is what I’m talking about, so please remove that smirk, for I am not alone, and neither are you. I got your back.

I knkw that the reasons certainly varies for everyone.

For some people, as soon as they begin working on a project, they outrightly become tired and distracted by other things.

While some may just lack good old inspiration, and others may be faced with the fear of the unknown or waiting for the right opportunity.

All these can amount to things that would reduce the levels of output and expected outcomes.

Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of a person and other things.

Wikipedia describes productivity as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, that is, the output per unit of input.

Okay, before this turns into arithmetic, we can just simply translate this to say the amount of time and work put into a thing will determine the amount of results we get.

While focus of course is the state or quality of having and producing clear visual definition, as well as the centre of an interest or activity.

So how can we stay on track with life and all the other aspects of life that demands our quality work and time?

To stay on track with schedules and projects and life generally, definitely requires determination.

Practicising the art of constantly working to proactively create quality time that would yield profitability, and this requires efficiency and attention.

Being focused and working to achieve maximum productivity would require pouring all your efforts into the centre of your interests, with the big/bigger picture in mind (a clear visual definition).

The results may not be obtained immediately, which means you have a long way to go, but don’t stop or turn around, just keep taking the steps no matter how little.

Using myself as an example, I am continously wearied that my blog might suffer a little neglect, especially after all these years of inactivity.

You would expect that I would be all lovey-dovey with my blog (can’t see can’t sleep kind of love), but believe me it’s a constant battle.

I am learning though, that what works for me, is making a list to remind myself; and also setting deadlines and sticking to them.

For some people, it may require strategizing a way further, starting afresh, shutting off from distractions, working while your entire neighborhood have all gone to sleep, or playing loud senseless music.

It could even just be getting off the internet, switching off your phone and immersing yourself in what you need to do.

Jacob Harper in a post on ways to stay focused and productive wrote that, the biggest impediment to productivity is unrealistic expectations; which is often as a result of excessive guilt from being less productive at a point.

Don’t try to cram in everything you have to do. Even if tasks do seem tiny, remember to work on one at a time – the journey is long, slow down when you can.

It does not matter when you begin, where you begin, or how you begin working on a project, what matters is the end result and the fact that you started and did not give up it all up.

So remember this when next you are faced with the challenges. If you rush through it, then you may not get to enjoy the process or achieve the best maximum results possible as when you take your time to work step by step.

I suppose everyone would have their own ways to stay on track for different purposes, some people may just require a nudge.

Whatever it is that works for each of us, the important thing is keeping our minds set on the goal, reminding ourselves what we aim to achieve in the end and also constantly remind ourselves why we started in the first place.

Please don’t hesitate to share how you keep things moving; it would be nice to hear a different perspective.

You’re unique, thanks for reading.

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