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Life tips Harvey suits

Last week as I was catching up on one of my favourite shows Suits, I got a bit chilly by a scene. The one where Harvey specter went to the rest room and met the cleaning lady in teary eyes.

He insisted she shared what the problem was, but she wasn’t going to impose. He handed her his pocket square anyway and left her to find another rest room. Such a yummy gentleman.

I know, I know. That’s a movie scene. But these things still happen beyond the scope of a TV series. And you know, this lady eventually went to him to open up about her issue. He helped her and they lived happily ever after. No they didn’t, common they didn’t fall in love.

But seriously, this made me think of the people we tend to look down on; sometimes unintentionally.

My thoughts on the reason for the last statement…

  1. We are all busy, and caught up in our personal life’s issues, understably so. Which might explain why taking pains to really care about others might be a huge task.
  2. Also, there are less people to trust. There is hardly a need to expatiate on this.
  3. And there’s also the drop in actual communication levels, especially with the rise in the use of the internet. It’s like we all would rather just converse with our phones or spend the entire day using the birdie app.

So, in light of this, I tried to imagine how wonderful it would be if we had more Harvey Specters. People who are kind and whose first instinct is to show love regardless of what they might be going through personally. And technically in the series, Harvey was personally under a lot of stress already. So you have to agree with me, yummy gentleman.

It doesn’t take so much to love. And, love is not only beautiful, it is powerful. Able to break barriers and create brand new purpose. If you really want to be happy, let love be in your every action.

Having said all that, here are the simple tips for consideration

Tip 01. Be a Harvey Specter

As an employer or superior of any kind, show love to the people who work for you.

You can start by simply saying hello. This might be especial to corporate organisations where everyone is so uptight and uses the straight face make up kit.

Don’t look down on your cleaner, your gateman, your secretary, or your driver.

Although some of them tend to get too chatty when you try to engage them, which can be annoying I know.

But if you can, spare some minutes to chat with them, motivate and encourage them. Learn their names, remember it and use it.

And never look down on them, oh I said that before? well, now I just added some volume.

02. Tip your taxi driver. It’s another show of love.

harvey love tips

I have met some people who think a taxi drivers are an uneducated and classless (not my words). They think it’s a demeaning job. Of course I totally disagree.

There is no legitimate means of income that should be considered as shameful. And you know what, a large number of taxi drivers today are self employed in that regard because of unavailability of jobs.

And there’s a whole lot of them. Sadly, a huge percentage don’t make tangible profits after burning their gases looking for passengers (especially the commercial ones).

So you get the angle I’m coming from when I say to tip you taxi driver if possible, commercial and corporate alike.

Especially if he’s your constant go to taxi, like some people have one particular taxi driver. Random Acts of Kindness hardly hurts anyone.

Although, I have had some awkward experiences and I know a lot of other people too might have had similar experiences; which could deter the chances of such kind acts. Plus you can’t tip everyone (especially if you move a lot), and its not easy to tell who to tip or not tip.

But one can always start up a conversation with them and from there assess to know if any form of compassion would be required.

03. Pamper yourself

This may seem unrelated to showing love to others, but it is related; by replacing “others” with “someone” the concept sounds better.

“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”

That’s obviously a quote by the character Harvey Specter. Are you rolling your eyes yet? I didn’t intend to make the whole post about Harvey, I just couldn’t help it.

How you decide to pamper yourself all depends on what works for you.

Here are some suggestions, learn something new, read books, memorize something everyday, words, poetry, quotes (at your own pace). This will leave your brain and memory sharp and functioning.

You may want to check out my post on having a self-care weekend for a few more ideas.

Alternatively, you could just buy yourself the most expensive house in the market if that works fine for you.

What matters is to show great love to your beautiful self.

04. An absolutely unrelated and very non similar tip – Documenting Memories

This just feels like something I needed to let out to have a good night’s sleep.

Taking pictures at every chance you get, because the importance cannot be overstated. The pleasure from looking back years later at the memories alone is a blessing.

Also, securing these memories is very well guaranteed these days. so why not?

I am absolutely obsessed with taking pictures and making videos of my son.

Which I’m trusting my gut he won’t find weird when he grows up. I don’t want him to see me as some cray-cray stalker mom.

Hopefully he’ll appreciate it considering how he’ll look back some day to see all the details of his life from day one that might otherwise be forgotten.

Journaling too is another form of creating memories, especially if you enjoy writing.

Scribble down every little detail and milestones you think might be important to you and your family.

When you think of it, the motive behind this can be translated to mean love. Because there is actually no one acceptable manual on how to show love.

So when you go about making some memories all day er’day, don’t forget to be awesome and show lots of love.

I love you for stopping by. Cheers to you and do whatever the hell you want today.

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