Of What Use Is A Stick To A Bird? The Green Jays Species

Green Jays birds no limitation

The Green Jays are a radiant bird species in the family of the New World Jays, and like every bird, they have bills but would sometimes use sticks for their meal. Say what now?

I hope you’re as pleasantly impressed as I was, if not I’ll just stop right here. Oh never mind…

A brief description of the birds.

The Green Jays found in Central America, have a variety of colours across their range. Blue and black heads, green wings and mantle, bluish-green tails, black bills, yellow or brown eye rings, and dark legs.

A sight for sore eyes and jolly eyes alike if you ask me.

For almost one thousand two hundred and fifty three days I’ve had that picture on my laptop, and I always spend at least one minute just staring and admiring these beauties whenever I came across the picture.

One thousand two hundred and fifty three days is just three years and some months by the way, please don’t grumble, I am just trying to be NICE by stating the exact number of days.

I’ve had the picture for years, and tried to imagine the photographer who took the image, the tender joy he or she must have had just from being able to perfectly capture that image.

Despite the amount of time spent on admiring these beauties, I knew absolutely nothing about the creatures. Well not absolutely, I knew their name because it was right there with the picture.

I thought it was high time I learnt more about the objects of my admiration for years. It was long overdue.

To my delight, I learnt something extraordinarily interesting while reading about them.

Here’s the thing about these green babies…

All birds have bills or beaks as it is popularly known, which are in different shapes and also determines how they catch their preys.

Therefore, ALL birds use their beaks for eating, cracking seeds depending on the species, MANIPULATING OBJECTS, preening, killing prey, fighting, PROBING FOR FOOD, for courting and even feeding their young.

The Green Jays like other birds use their beaks to do everything aforementioned. But a unique behaviour that have been observed is their ability to use sticks as tools to extract insects from tree bark.

Let me just say that I was completely awed by this finding. Because in another decade to come, I wouldn’t have imagined this of a bird.

To extract according to the dictionary is to take out or remove especially by effort or by force.

I concluded that was and is something unique. Something we (HUMANS) could learn a thing from.

In my interpretation, we all have the potential to be so much more. Sometimes we just need to challenge ourselves, because the resources we have should not be all there is to us.

Creativity is the major skill for doing the extraordinary, and innovation is what it takes to get a different result.

An innovative mind gives the propensity to see beyond the resources that one may have been otherwise used to.

It’s like stepping into unfamiliar territory, when the need for remarkable solution to challenges arise.

And sometimes we just need to challenge and re-challenge ourselves.

It may just require breaking away and beyond the raw natural talent and skills deposited in us. Which literally is not just limiting ourselves and what we can do to the existing norm.

It requires not settling with a pattern because its the norm, as well as going past the known domains of comfort.

And this is applicable to all areas of life, career, relationship, dreams and aspirations, growth and development, pursuit of success and happiness.

Let us all try to stand a little taller, rise a little higher, be a little better. Make the extra effort. You will be happier. – Gordon B. Hinckley

To me, this is what it feels like for a bird to use a stick in place of its beak to extricate food. Extra effort, which is something we all can make do with.

What do you think about the Green Jays using a stick to pull out their food? What personal lesson can you make out of this? I would like to hear from you.

Cheers to extra effort and happiness.

A penny for your thoughts...