That Time I Bought Almost The Right Thing

So I bought a super sealer and now you do not have to. Of course, it wasn’t a good buy. And I hate that I have to do this to someone’s product and hardwork but I really couldn’t have it any other way.

Now, you do not have to go through the pain I went through finding out it was almost the right thing.

How I was able to convince myself that I had made the best buy is still beyond me.

I really didn’t expect to be disappointed…

In retrospect though, I probably should have… I mean, it is an online shop for god’s sake.

Firstly, there are almost always risks involved, and secondly the image on the online shop looked bigger than the description of the item.

So, my anticipatory excitement was dead upon arrival of this sealer.

This must be a price for my increasing affinity for online shopping. This reminds me of the time I bought an anti-dust toothpaste and toothbrush holder, and my sister saw them, and asked why I bought them online when the items were clearly being sold at ShopRite.

Well, I don’t know; if only ShopRite would become an online shop of some sort.

Anyone who knows me knows how I dislike the outdoors, I just do not like going out. I don’t like the whole stress of getting dressed and going out. I mean, I would rather get dressed and sit behind my computer, read a book or just sleep. But there’s that saying that there is no food for a lazy woman. So going out we must.

But still my dislike for the outdoors has turned me into an online shopaholic. Every delivery man from Jumia are probably already familiar with the route and address of my home. I don’t know if I would ever get the hang of it.

Of course there’s so much risk involved like I stated before. For instance, that one time I bought a sweater for Judah (my son) and it was the very opposite of what I saw on the website. It was absolutely hideous, shapeless perhaps, even for a boy.

Thank goodness for the amicable policies and risk free strategies by Jumia. Considering that they have sellers on their shopping platform and sometimes the items just come to you directly from the seller.

But the issue at hand right now, is this mini sealer (ironically called a super sealer), and for the life of me, I was almost sure I bought the right thing. I thought I hit jackpot with this inexpensive international purchase, but not quite. I may have to throw it out. Alternatively, we could add it to Judah’s collection of toys. (You can see his tiny fingers reaching for the sealer), so probably a much better option.

And to think I waited so desperately to use it. I store all opened cereals in the refrigerator, I store unfinished biscuits in the refrigerator, my refrigerator has been my super sealer and I believed I had gotten the solution to my problems with this WorkWonder Super Sealer. Alas.

Of course there’s a direction on how to use. First on the top corner, it says As Seen On TV (it has never shown on MY TV, this one is probably directed at the people in China), and somewhere on the carton it say also to “just slide SUPERSEALER across bags to seal in freshness.

Hello. I did that ugh say 50 times already. Just maybe I am the one with the issue, probably not doing it right? But I’m done with this regardless.

Now, I would have to invest in cereal containers and just maybe get a real sealer.

How about you, what item have you purchased but ended up throwing out or just have sitting on your shelves with no apparent use for?

It is always a pleasure reading your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to share.

Warmest regards.

Pictures via Canva and Phone Camera

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