The End Of A Thing Matters Most

The 10 days course on branding and growth came to an end sometimes last week, I know it’s a bit late to write about that now but what is that saying about better late than never? So here we are.

The results may not be visible for me to see yet or you for that matter but it definitely has helped in reshaping some of my perspective.

Meanwhile, I have to apologise for the silence on the blog these past few days. The nasty flu I talked about in my previous post hit me really hard, and then came malaria too.

In addition to this, I have been busy packing up boxes because we are moving. So it has been quite busy and stressful considering that I’m still recuperating.

So here is a quick recap of the course outline which can be just as helpful to you.

Day 1: Set three for your blog, read about my goals here.

Day 2: Audit your brand

I did a few tweaks here and there. I removed the slider, revamped the title of some widgets like the recent posts, archives and categories, changed the title of comments box, and also changed the menu title. I did get a positive feedback after that on how cute the site looked, so maybe i already passed the test.

Day 3: Get read all over

It is amazing that I’m already doing this, I really dont know if it was pre-existing with my theme or maybe i did it by myself, but i made my site easy for swutching between a computer system and mobile devices.

Day 4: Give them what they want

My stats shows that my most personal posts so far got the highest feedback in terms of views and comments, so I suppose I know what y’all want. And I understand that this is very important.

Day 5: Make the most of your archive

Promoting older content because they are just as good as new to people who are yet to see them. I put my archives on my side widget titled as”post repository”.

Day 6: Dig deep into a social network

Twitter has been my thing, so I’ll put all my energy into that and see what we can make of it.

Day 7: Visit the neighbors

I have been doing this since day one, before I even enrolled in this course. But I’ve noticed that new bloggers are the ones showing themselves love. This may not be true with everyone, I’m speaking based on what I have experienced. But I love visiting, so visit the neighbors we shall.

Day 8: Resurfacing and sharing content

There are a few things I still need to learn, like resurfacing and sharing content, and especially creating a social media calendar to reshare older posts.

Day 9: Grow your audience with guest posters

I honestly am not sure how I want to go about this, maybe it’s because of my experience from day 7 above. But if you’re interested in guest blogging PLEASE do let me know.

Day 10: SEO and the blog

For my SEO, I installed the Yoast plugin; and it has been helpful for me with keywords and taglines.

There you have it a recap of my 10 days course. Despite all the hurdles along the way, I’d like to say it was a blast.


Blogging is a serious thing, and I definitely am not joking around, I have long term goals and I won’t stop till I get results. But it is also important to have fun and enjoy the journey.

So my lessons from this course besides the outlines above, is that the beginning of a thing is as important as the end, but the end of a thing definitely matters most.

Life will always come with challenges and issues that might slow you down, it is okay as long as you never stop. Consider the little set backs as fun distractions that you can learn from. Whatever you are doing, aim to finish well what you started.

Carpe Diem.

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