Self Improvement: 3 Things you should or shouldn’t do

1. Giving advice and trying to proffer solutions when people open up to you about something they are going through.

Most times a lot of people think they know it all, but I think it is better not to talk immediately, some people tell you things because they just needed a listening ear, you don’t have to give an advice immediately or enforce your opinion on them.

It might be preferable to just ask if they would like to know what you think or if they want a counsel.

In fact, licensed counsellors don’t usually tell their patients what they want to hear, most of the time they only lead them to realise what they already know.

  1. Stop making assumptions.
    Most people are guilty of this; we shouldn’t live our lives constantly presumptuous about others.

Let me share a personal experience. There are times people called me on the phone, and the first thing they said as soon as I answered the phone “sorry I woke you up”. Some people actually make it one type of awkward question like – sorry, did I wake you up? I’m just confused as to why people always tend to go that way, like is it such a bad thing to sleep?

If you must make assumptions, try to be positive about them. Preferable alternatives, did I call at a bad time? I hope I am not distracting you or interrupting anything serious (even if na sleep, you have no idea how long the person was awake for before finally settling to rest).

  1. STOP TELLING PEOPLE THEY ARE FAT OR TOO SLIM. Caps lock because I am screaming. This one has me ranting and I hope to post more soon.
    There’s no need telling a person they are now fat or slim, as if they need you to say it anymore than they already know it.

There are those funny uncles and aunties who’ll see you seven days of the week and have different reports for your weight, like what’s going on ehh? What most people don’t know is that some people need to add flesh to be actually healthy, and whether a person is too fat or too thin should not be our concerns.

We literally tease people and describe them by these things, overlooking the person they really are, with good qualities that should naturally be appreciated above appearances.

Someone once said because you have fat doesn’t mean you’re fat, it’s like saying you’re finger because you have fingers, it makes sense. Preferable alternatives, just don’t say it.

Okay. That’s all, I’m done.

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