Why Everyone Should Try Blogging

Drum roll please or maybe clap your hands and stomp your feet, just because it is my first post… Thank you.

Let me apologize for the length of the post; I just had to, even though an expert would caution otherwise.

Post about blogging

I feel the question anyone and everyone might ask (as you should) is probably how I am talking about this, seeing it is my first post???

Well technically, it is not my first post EVER, but the very first post after a redundant blog site, followed by a long hiatus.

Sadly, I have had a blogsite since November 2013 (hopefully I will talk about why I started blogging soon), it’s been too long.

This is why I am the absolute best person to talk about why everyone should try blogging. So tongue out, cos I’m talking.

There are many reasons to start blogging if you haven’t already started.

Even if you are not a writer; you can try, and you will find yourself learning a thing or two, or maybe writing a book.

There are many articles about why every person needs to blog, we may or may not have read about this before, because quite frankly, life happens.

We get so preoccupied with needs and activities that we hardly have the time to do a research or actually settle down to follow through on our findings.

So, I can imagine how the idea of blogging may sound to us, I have been there, but it doesnt really take rocket science to engage oneself.

I will attach some links and sources I have found and still finding helpful at the bottom of my post, I hope they come in handy.

Blogging is so much more than money making, or gossipping, or a place to vent your angers and exchange abuses as against supposedly commenting as a civil people.

There are personal and professional benefits from blogging, however you choose to look at it, it is a plus.

It is just like owning a massive house with lots of room and amenities, while leaving your gate wide open so whoever wants to come in and feel comfortable can do so.

This is what this is, letting billions of people on the internet into your cyber space/into your life and at the same time affecting their lives through the resources you offer.


Still not sure this is your business, or maybe I am just wasting my time, or this article isn’t meant for you because this is nothing you haven’t heard or read before.

This post is just right, to serve as a reminder for me as I start to re-engage my passion; and hopefully to cajole someone in my sphere.

So, here are the summaries of what I have learned;

  1. Blogging impacts LIVES – yours as the writer, and the life of others. It affects you in ways you would never imagine possible. And probably more importantly, you’ll inspire, educate and entertain others depending on your content.
  2. Blogging changes you, it helps you grow. You will learn new things about almost everything. Your eloquence, vocabulary and writing skills would receive a magical touch.
  3. You’ll become a better thinker, thinking on your feet (literally too), and become more organised. You will challenge yourself.
  4. It is a way to interact and meet new people. You will make new friends, there’s no such thing as a social pariah when you create a platform to engage others.
  5. The process as a beginner would prepare you for some life lessons such as rejection (don’t take me seriously). No one should allow themselves be overwhelmed by the feeling of rejection. If no one likes you (sorry for diverting) or your posts, its okay. Let’s not place unnecessary importance or care on the followings and likes, especially not as a beginner; I am glad I learned this. Blogs were actually intended to be that way from the onset – online journal with minimal following.
  6. Blogging is a form of therapy. Oh please no, I’m not inferring that everyone needs “therapy”; I think I may mean this from the sanative angle of therapy, it is beneficial in many ways, most of which has been stated.
  7. And lets not forget the money-making aspect. Blogging can help you grow your businesses – promote your goods or services, of course blogging can bring your clients and customers closer to you.

Wondering what you should blog about?

Deciding what kind of content you want to put out is almost as tasking as coming up with a satisfying post (a satisfying post is impossible though).

But from what I have learned, you can always list out what you love doing, the things you are passionate about; and make another list of things you have mastered – that is your areas of expertise, you should be able to find your genius zone in the aspects that overlap.

You can blog about your job if you enjoy what you do, blog about health and wellness, about environmental health or sanitation. The list you will agree is endless.

Blogging options

So, if you see this, and you have been thinking about starting a blog, please go through with it.

There’s no such thing as too many bloggers out there. Everyone has a story to tell, you have something to say, I have something to say, we all do.

As a matter of fact, we are forever expressing our opinions, even on matters we know little or nothing about, so how hard can it be sharing thoughts and ideas on something you love with the ultimate intention of inspiring and impacting.

Your thoughts and perspective on things, your ideas, that someone else hasn’t said or does not know about, needs to be heard.

And even when someone else has said what you want to say, chances are, they haven’t said it the way you would say it, so please, express yourself.

Please remember, no one starts out as an expert on anything, it takes time and constant practice.

You may fail the first few times, but in the end, you would have grown better than before and definitely be closer to expertise than when you first began.

You’re unique!! Thank you for your time.

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