Wishful Thinking

Leaves falling apart, reckoning each drop of the dry foliage.

Fostering moments to be treasured in the amity of your presence.

Ticking time comes to an impetuous stand still;

The sound of silence a music to luxuriate in.

The rhythm of my stolen heart sways to the frequency on your lips;

The magic of the sparks flying imaginably fills me as I cogitate.

The sound of my heartbeat like the steps of a marching band of horses thumps audibly.

The tickling sensation of desire, fluttering down my back.

A nudge to the heart unmatched, as an itch that brews with every feel;

Like a burning crave that every soul seeks to articulate.

Lost in the fantasy of the moment, unbothered by reality.


Picture: Canva

A penny for your thoughts...